SMD Hot Tweezers AOYUE 950

AOYUE 950 Hot Tweezers applied for mounting/demounting of electronic components, working with printed circuitry. Antistatic performance. It’s recommended to use along with working platform Aoyue 328 or Aoyue 398 to get optimum results.

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Directly tackles the components to be repaired avoiding disarray of nearby components. Suitable for crowded circuit boards.
Made from anti-static materials to protect sensitive components. Compatible with AOYUE 936 (bought separately). AOYUE 950 is compatible with AOYUE 2029342 tweezers tip.

Technical Specifications

Power input 220 V
Power consumption 60W
Temperature range 200-450°C
Heating element Ceramic heater
Output voltage 24V
Tip to Ground Resistance Below 2 ohms
Station Dimensions 120(w) x 80(h) x 140(d) mm
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