Infrared Preheater AOYUE Int 853A++

Powerfull (500 W) quartz infrared preheating station, suitable for the boards up to 120 × 120 mm in size. Built-in external temperature sensor connection port.

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AOYUE Int 853A++ is a powerful quartz infrared preheating station, that is designed to be compatible with the PCB’s up to 120 × 120 mm in size.


  • Built-in extra temperature sensor connection port
  • Digital display of actual and set temperature
  • Touch type controls
  • Integrated grip type board holder
  • Suitable for lead-free and standard work

Technical Specifications

Temperature range 80 °C to 380 °C
Power consumption 500 W
Heating element quartz heater
Power input 220 V
Dimensions 190 × 155 × 265 mm
Weight 1.85 kg

Package Contents

  • AOYUE Int 853A++ infrared preheater (1 pc.)
  • External temperature sensor (1 pc.)
  • Power cable (1 pc.)
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